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community of entertainment artists

Who we are

entertwine is an AI-powered career counselor for creatives in Film, TV, and Theatre established in 2019.

we're creator-driven

We understand the struggle of creators—because we are creators. Through entertwine, creators have access to workshops, programs, events, contests, mentorship, & employment opportunities.

We believe that diversity comes with accessibility.

What we do

We believe diversity is an accessibility issue. We recruit, put on festivals and fellowship programs, and provide career development for all creators at all levels. All of our work is done with the pursuit of progressing a creator's career.

Sway - 48 Hour Submission
2nd Annual AAPI Contest
The 48 Hour Horror Fest
The Amber Thief - Winner EESSFF
Daraluz - Winner of the 48 Hour
Privoke - People's Choice Award
First Annual EESSFF
Professor Shinho Lee
Clap Once if You Can Hear Me
Dr. Velina Hasu Houston

our partnerships

Partnerships are key to building diversity and community. We intertwine them, too!